Condolence & Memory Journal

Don Hubler was a wonderful music choral director and teacher. He helped me only grow more in my love for singing. I was a soloist in the RED ROBE CHOIR and a GHS Voice Honors recipient in 1965(Graduate Class). That enthusiasm he had for the love of singing was transferred to many of his students at GHS. I have now taught Voice over 40yrs. He was an influence in my pursuit of vocal music. He mus be singing in... or leading 'THE NEW RED ROBE CHOIR' ...
-Barbara Gill(Smith)
British Columbia, Canada

Posted by Barbara Gill (Smith) - Victoria BC - Student   June 20, 2016

Besides the wonderful enthusiasm he shared with us about anything we were singing, there were two other things that I treasure:
1. When he tested us, we didn't have to sing by ourselves. He tested as we sang in choir by having the person on either side of us stop singing. This was a great technique.
2. He taught us that it is ok to change the rhythm of a song. My personal favorite was Rock of Ages to an up beat. I tried so hard to have it done that way for my mother's funeral, but the musicians just didn't get it.

Thank you for great memories.

Posted by Carlynne (Harvey) Allbee - La Mesa, CA - Member Red Robe Choir   July 05, 2013

He was a warm and understanding man and great director. Thanks for the memories Don, you will be missed!

Posted by Derrell Fisher - El Cajon, CA - Red Robe Choir 1965   April 18, 2013

Don Hubler's teaching has blessed my life for decades. His influence has extended to my children, who as adults also share a tremendous love for choral music. Mr. Hubler held his students to the highest standards and inspired us to be far better than we imagined. It was a great privilege to be a member of the Red Robe Choir.

Many thanks to the Harvies for their faithful care and friendship to Mr. and Mrs. Hubler, and to the Nelsons for organizing the utterly joyful Red Robe Choir reunion a few years ago. It was a dream come true to sing under the direction of Don Hubler once again.

I look forward to the day when we will again sing "a jubilant song."

Posted by Marla Anderson Hicks - La Mesa, CA - Former student   April 18, 2013

Mr. Hubler instilled in me a life long love of choral music. He taught us appreciation for a wide variety of music styles and always expected the best of us in our performances. He unselfishly gave up his lunch our so that we could have both a girls and boys ensemble. I will always remember the reunion we had of former Red Robe Choir members several years ago and the thrill on his face to be directing us again.

Posted by Twila Niemi Godley - Lakeside, CA - choir member   April 16, 2013

Don Hubler was a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend. His high standards as the director of the Red Robe Choir at Grossmont High School stayed with my sister Lynn and me our entire lives. As Directors of the GHS Museum, we have had many alumni comment on the impact Don made on their lives.
When Grossmont celebrated its 90th Anniversary 2 years ago, we were able to share our gratitude with Don for all he has meant to us.

Posted by Connie Baer - La Mesa, CA - former student   March 24, 2013